RINJANI – From evolution to geopark.

RINJANI – From evolution to geopark.

This 200-page soft cover booklet is written in Indonesian by Heryadi Rachmat & Ujang Kurdiawan. It is a 2019 publication through Ikatan Ahli Geologi Indonesia (IAGI) & Masyarakat Geowisata Indonesia (MAGI). The book has many fine scenic and educational pictures and diagrams.

The book is a combination of a travel guide and an education guide for volcanologists. The contents tarts out with the location (Lombok – just east of Bali) and an outline of the regional geology. And continues with a number of prominent sites, particularly Gunung (Mount) Rinjani that is 3,726m high and the adjoining collapse caldera lake (Danau Segara Anak) with new scatter cones (Gunung Barujari). The history of volcanic activities, and the associated volcanic theories are outline with photos and diagrams. The most recent eruption spewed out some lava in 2015. The Geopark has been submitted to UNESCO and other international bodies for international geopark listing. The geopark includes jungle encroached water falls, striking ocean cliff morphology features, and some nearby small coral islands. Some of the geoparks features are linked to local cultural ceremonies.

This is a great book for the adventurous traveller who wants to understand and experience the power of volcanoes, or is simply looking for some off-the-track wonderful sights. The book is also great for aspiring Indonesian earth scientists.

This is the only book on geoparks published by MAGI, though MAGI web site https://magi.iagi.or.id/ has more information on Geoparks. The ESDM web site http://www.geology.esdm.go.id/ has digital maps of various geo-heritage sites around Indonesia, along with various publications available from their Bandung Geology office.

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