Book Review; “Era Baru Batubara Indonesia”.

Pron. Dr. Ir. Irwandy Arif, M.Sc. has produced another outstanding book that is available for Rp 240,000 in Gramedia bookshops, and other selected outlets. “Era Baru BATUBARA INDONESIA” is a 700-page book written in Indonesia for a public audience seeking a broader understanding of the coal business in Indonesia, such as students, teachers, politicians, government agencies, NGO’s and the concerned public. The purpose of the book is to supplement the growing the public awareness of how the coal industry fits into the government’s strategy for Good Mining Practice.  The book provides a readable background of the Indonesian coal industry as it addresses national and international concerns about the future of the coal industry. The books chapters are;

  1. Introduction
  2. Defining Coal
  3. Coal in Indonesia
  4. Mining of Coal
  5. Coal Uses
  6. Value Adding of Coal
  7. Coal Industry
  8. Domestic Market Obligation
  9. Net-Zero Emissions
  10. Energy Transition Towards Net Zero Emissions
  11. Decarbonization
  12. Carbon Pricing, Carbon Trading & Carbon Tax
  13. Future of Coal in Indonesia.