Proceedings of the 27th International Symposium on Mine Planning and Equipment Selection – MPES 2018.

This is a solid 570 page hard cover book edited by Eleonora Widzyk – Capehart,  Asieh Hekmat , Raj Singhal  and published by Springer in 2019. The chapters (and number of papers in brackets) include Economic and financial risk assessment (2), Mine Development (1), Blasting and fragmentation (3), Design, planning and optimization of surface and underground mines (11), Mining equipment selection- Innovative materials handling systems and equipment (10), Waste disposal (1), Rock mechanics and geotechnical applications (7), Maintenance and production management for mines and mining systems (7), Research and Development to improve health and safety in mines (3), Mineral processing (2).

Many of these papers are practical cases from around the world, and include a wide variety of commodities and mining situations. Other papers are looking into the future approaches to mining evaluation and operations. There seems to be little to no specific Indonesian cases, though many of the approaches to mining are consistent with Indonesian practices. It seems there is something for everyone in this English language book.