GEOTEKNIK TAMBANG (second edition 2021)

GEOTEKNIK TAMBANG (second edition 2021) is written by Prof.Dr.Ir. Irwandy Arif, MSc. and published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama (about Rp 200,000). This 400-page hard cover book is endorsed by ITB, IMI and PERHAPI, and made possible with support from a number of mining companies.

The book is written in Bahasa Indonesia, wherein back cover gives an excellent outline of the book (Google translated as); –

“Geotechnical science is very important in the mining world because open pit excavation in mineral and coal will always face slope stability problems. These slopes include mine slopes, embankment slopes and a variety of infrastructure slopes. Slopes must be analysed for stability, both at the design, construction, and post-mining stages, to prevent the danger of landslides in the future because it involves work safety, security of equipment and other objects, as well as the optimization and continuity of production”.

“This Mining Geotechnical Book discusses the basic geotechnical science, and seeks to follow a slope stability analysis process approach….”

The chapter headings are;

  1. Introduction
  2. Slope design method
  3. Field investigation
  4. Laboratory test
  5. Method of mine slope stability analysis
  6. Maintain mine slope stability
  7. Slope monitoring
  8. Geotechnical and occupational safety and health (K3) and operational safety
  9. Risk management
  10. Case study

Each chapter includes a list of references for further reading, and there are many clear sketches and diagrams to compliment the technical information. 

The book is most beneficial for geoscientists and engineers wherein a suitable understanding of mathematics would be an advantage.