Freeport, Catatan Pribadi  [Personal Note] by Chappy Hakim.

Chappy Hakim is the son of a journalist that rose to prominence in the Indonesian air force. He is a prolific writer. About 10 years after his retirement he was invited to become the senior advisor and President Director of PT. Freeport Indonesia 2016 – 2019. His period of service in Freeport covered the sensitive time where the Government negotiated and acquired a majority share in Freeport. On taking up this Freeport role, his initial outlook on Freeport had been influenced by bad stories that are even frightening. The book is a personal view of the diverse issues and debates associated with the negotiations for the government to acquire a majority share in Freeport. Chappy promoted the concept of Freeport being more open about its social programs and the good will between Indonesian and Freeport.  Chappy was concerned that “Certain parties will easily be able to create new issues and gossip again for each other’s interests. It would be different if Freeport’s presence in Indonesia was loved by the public”. Chappy found that Freeport is a responsible company, that not only contributes to the wealth of Indonesia, but also to the Indonesian people. Chappy’s actual experience with Freeport gave him a valuable experience that life is full of lessons, wherein he wrote this book to share his experiences. This is an insider view of Freeport.

This soft copy 150-page book is written in Bahasa Indonesia and can be purchased at Gramedia For Rp 99,000.