Curriculum Vitae

Ian Wollff

CSA Global – Director / Principal Geologist  

January 2013 – Present (1 year + ) Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia.

Business development, Exploration, Resource & Reserve JORC reports for Coal (thermal & coking). Competency in alluvial & epithermal gold,  Iron ore, Uranium and other minerals. Project reviews, and assessments. Site visit for coal due diligence in Kyrgyzstan. Desk top due diligence coal in Colombia.

Behre Dolbear – Associate Project Geologist and Resource/Reserve Specialist.

August-September 2012 – Jakarta & Mongolia.

Site inspection for due diligence in Mongolia for coal mine.

Aquila Resources (PT. AEDI) – Director of Business Development

August 2009 – July 2012 (3 years) Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia.

Establish Indonesian company, Country Manager. Coal Project generation and acquisition. Reviewed more than 200 coal projects, and several mineral projects in Indonesia. Negotiated JV agreements. Indonesian coal basin studies. Review and due diligence on manganese in Timor.

Noble Energy – Exploration Manager / Business Development Manager

December 2004 – April 2009 (4 years 5 months) Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia.

Review and acquisition of coal concessions through out Indonesia. Feasibility and commissioning of Wira coal mine, South Kalimantan. Sebuku North coal resource drilling, BEH supervise resource drilling, Initial review of Moriss coking coal JV – later each turned into producing mines. Batu Besi drilling & resource of iron ore mine in Belitung. Review and due diligence on nickel project in Maluku.

PT. Marunda Graha Minerals (MGM) – Exploration Manager / Director of Construction

January 1998 – November 2004 (6 years 11 months) Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.

Management of MGM coking coal project from initial exploration through Feasibility, director of construction & mine commissioning. First significant operating coal mine in Central Kalimantan, and first coal mine in upper reaches of Barito River for barging. One of the first coking coal mines in Indonesia.

PT. Arum Tanah Laut – Director of Exploration

February 1996 – January 1998 (2 years) Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia.

Sourced and applied for 9 gold Contract of Works in Kalimantan &  Sumatera for Canadian stock exchange companies. Indonesian companies included PT. Arum Tanah Laut, PT. Aurum Framindos, PT. Sinarcaya Mineralindo, PT. Anjarsamba Kencana, PT. Framakadi Indos  Projects included Bunut, Tanah Laut, Tanah Laut Timur, Sandai, Kusik, Kahayan, Delang, Sumber Barito and Kota Besi. Management of expatriate & Indonesian geological teams. Two projects advanced to detailed exploration status, with one project drill program. Report to Indonesian Mines Department, and to Canadian partners.

PT. Pacific Selatan Resources – Exploration Manager

March 1995 – January 1996 (11 months) Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia.

Established Indonesian PMA company & offices. Sourced and applied for 11 gold Contract of Works. Established expatriate & Indonesian exploration teams. Mixed alluvial and epithermal targets in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Canyon Resources – Senior Consultant 

November 1994 – February 1995 (4 months). Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia.

Gold project generation studies. JV negotiations – Indonesia.

Placer Dome – Exploration Manager

November 1994 – February 1995 (4 months). Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia.

Establish Indonesian company head office. Initiate gold exploration on JV property, Central Kalimantan. Visit Kidston gold mine North Queensland.

Supra Group – Exploration Manager

October 1991 – July 1994 (2 years 10 months) Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia.

Manager gold exploration on 5 Contract of Works (COW’s) in Sumatra & Kailmantan – budget, work plans, quality control, professional teams, support etc. Set up mechanical bankers in the Buntok and Cempaga areas of Central Kalimantan, with success leading to a Feasibility Study in the Sungai Limun area of Jambi, Sumatra. The Supra Group introduced a number of China expatriates to undertake a bulk sample and trial mine at S. Limun. Ongoing exploration found further resources in the S. Limun upstream and Batang Asai areas. The small rich Suliti epithermal gold deposit was discovered in West Sumatra. The Talakit hard rock gold deposit was discovered and drilled to define a small resource in West Sumatra. The larger epithermal gold vein was discovered in the Ulas project, South Sumatra. In Central Kalimantan regional mapping identified several significant anomalies in an epithermal/ mesothermal volcanic – granite environment. All five COW’s were advanced to the feasibility stage, and one block was advanced to the construction stage.

Sampit Mining & Marunda Group – Project Manager

March 1989 – September 1991 (2 years 7 months). Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia.

Combined group management for 5 COW’s and several KP’s. Developed and managed field teams in Kalimantan & Sumatra for PT. Chodra Kurnia Agribindo and PT. Kalteng Mas Perdana ( associated with Amax of the UK) exploration and prepared final feasibility study reports of a number of small alluvial gold & zircon systems in Central Kalimantan. Visited the adjoining small alluvial gold mines belonging to the same geological system. Prepared final exploration report for Sori Hills hardrock gold area (BP Minerals) in Central Kalimantan. An alluvial due diligence program of shafting in the alluvial gold area for PT. Bukit Sulah Perdana, in the Batang Hari river, South Sumatra. Shared project management, geological logging and trench mapping duties for the Riam Kusik base metal vein deposit in West Kalimantan.

Cambridge Mining Group – Exploration Manager

July 1987 – February 1989 (1 year 8 months). Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia.

Woyla River alluvial gold resource mechanical banka drilling,Aceh. This project developed into a bucket ladder dredge mining operation. Reviewed Marissa alluvial gold deposit (North Sulawesi). This deposit developed into an excavator feeding a floating process plant. Overall exploration and management for 5 alluvial and epithermal gold Contract’s of Work in Sumatra & Kalimantan. Visited the Ampalit alluvial gold mine in Central Kalimantan.

Pelsart Group – Senior Geologist

July 1986 – June 1987 (1 year). Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia.

Epithermal and alluvial gold exploration in Sumatra & Kalimainan. Initiate field offices and work programs of first study projects. Undertake mapping & core drilling in hard rock gold projects in the Pelahari area, South Kalimantan. Mapping and pitting lead to mobile gold plant bulk sampling in the Paramasin alluvials, within the Meratus ranges, South Kalimantan.

Kinhill Stearns for World Bank – Contract to Shell – Senior Geologist

January 1985 – March 1986 (1 year 3 months). Tanjung Enim, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Coal mapping & drilling, leading to a significant contributor to the Banko Barat Feasibility Study and the North Suban Jeriji Pre-Feasibility Studies.

Traveling about Asia – Backpacker

January 1984 – December 1984 (1 year) Asia & Australia.

Back packing around Indonesia (Bromo sulphur mine), Singapore, Malaysia (visit alluvial tin mine), Thailand, Laos, Burma, India (visit diamond mine), Kashmir, Nepal, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Philippines (visit Bagio underground epithermal gold mine, Atlas porphyry copper mine).

Shell Australia – Project Coal Geologist

November 1980 – June 1983 (2 years 8 months) Melbourne Area, Australia.

Exploration to Feasibility report for Mt Nicholas underground coal project in Tasmania, Australia. Emphases was on drilling and geotechnical studies for underground coal mining, plus community relations and safety awareness. Further Coal exploration & geotechnical works at Oakey, Queensland, Australia.

Utah Development, Australia – Geologist

January 1978 – October 1980 (2 years 10 months) Brisbane Area, Australia. Uranium exploration, Queensland.

Emphases on roll front, included mapping and drilling. Project initiation. Privately toured American roll front and solution channel uranium mines and Canadian pegmatite uranium mine;

  • Anaconda Co, N.M – Jackpile and Pawati, open cut and underground,
  • Atlas Minerals, U.T – Patty Ann underground
  • Utah Development, U.T – Lucky Mack and Big Eagle open cut.
  • Petrotomics Co. W.Y – Casper open cut.
  • Madawaska Mines, Bancroft, Ont, Canada – Madawaska underground pegmatite.

Privately toured American and Canadian metaliferous mines;

  • San Manuel underground Copper, Arizona.
  • Climax open cut porphyry molybdenum, Colorado.
  • Carr Fork Mine, open cut porphyry copper, Anaconda Co, Utah.
  • Strathcona Mine underground nickel and copper sulphide, Falconbridge, Sudbury, Canada.

Also visit Mary Kathline uranium mine in Queensland.

CASCO Laboratories Indonesia – contract to Shell Coal International – Contract Geologist

January 1977 – December 1977 (1 year). Banko, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Field coal mapping. Extensive drill core logging,  test shaft mapping, geophysical log analysis. COGEO data recording.  Core sampling & core reconciliation.

Murdoch Geophysics – Field Geophysicists

August 1976 – December 1976 (5 months) Queensland, Australia.

Conduct resistivity surveys over various Queensland coal properties.

Cundill Meyers & Associates – contract to Shell Minjbou – Senior Geologist

January 1975 – March 1976 (1 year 3 months). Tanjung Enim, South Sumatra.

Exploration coal mapping & drilling for Shell Minjabou  in South Sumatra. Included coal resource definition around the Bukit Asam coal mine. Emphases on helicopter supported outcrop mapping & sampling. Use COGEO computerized data collection system.

Utah Development, Australia – Mine Stability Geologist

January 1974 – December 1974 (1 year). Brisbane Area, Australia.

Survey and monitor stability of low wall & high wall at Goonyella open pit coal mine, Central Queensland. Included further coal resource & geotechnical drilling. Visited Peak Downs, Seraji and other coal mines.

Newmont Mining Corporation – Exploration Geologist

January 1973 – December 1973 (1 year). Herberton, North Queensland.

Exploration mapping (Surface & underground) for base metals in North Queensland – Herberton. Cambrian carbonaceous sediment hosted gold exploration in Georgetown area, North Queensland.

Mc Intyre Mines PL – Geologist Assistant

December 1970 – March 1971 (4 months) Coolgardie & Leonora Western Australia, Australia.

Nickel sulphide exploration. Mapping, geochemical sampling, geophysical exploration (GM, EM). Core logging





  1. Luhkito Hadisoemarto May 1, 2014 at 10:42 am

    Dear Ian Wollff,

    I have read your CV. and I know that you have experience in Tanjung Enim, South Sumatera as Senior Geologist from 1985 – 1986. I am also have experience worked in Tanjung Enim as Counterpart for Kinhill-Otto Gold Joint Venture, from Departement of Energy for South Sumatera Coal Exploration Project.
    Kinhill-Otto Gold JV also send me to study Geomechanic Laboratory Testing in Coffey & Partners (March 1985 – June 1985).
    My duty in Tanjung Enim are Well Site Geotechnics for Coal Exploration Drilling, and Coordinator of Soil & Rock Mechanics Laboratory.
    Thank you,

    Your Sinceraraly,

    Luhkito Hs.

    • Dear Luhkito_ nice to hear from you. I revisited our old Kinhill-Otto Gold camp site on the side of the hill at Tanjung Enim about 5 years after I left. The trees I planted (palm, acacia) had grown many meters tall and my old room had continued to split and started to slide down the hill. I am thinking its time to visit Tanjung Enim again – to see how much it has changed.

  2. Dr Ross Halatchev May 3, 2014 at 8:17 am

    I had the golden opportunity to work with Ian on Sumatra coal project as a consultant. He is one of the few professionals in the whole my career who left bold and unforgettable memories of superb professionalism as a geologist and specialist in coal mining. Thank you Ian and wish you new professional heights. Best regards, Dr Rossen Halatchev

    • Thank you for the kind words. My local field assistant from Sumatra also worked with me on some Kalimantan projects, and we kept in touch till his passing last year. It seems the old geological camps made close long term friends also. Thanks Ian.

  3. you are very experienced in the field of geology and mining. I want to learn from you about it. recently I’ve been working on gold exploration in Maluku, Indonesia. but I have trouble metasedimen rocks and schist.
    no mineral quartz veins.

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